Tuesday, October 13, 2009


___First things first... People do not need to try and control the weather. We may be polluting the atmosphere and every place else but we cannot expect to fix the damage. Good ole' mother earth is doing that as we speak. She is pretty angry too, but we cannot fix it. When can lower the pollutant levels we make but overall it is too late. This planet will rectify the damage we have done one way or another and if we interfere...we just might do more harm than good.
"We are in a losing battle that we shouldn't
even be trying to battle."
El Nino and La Nina couldn't be controlled and now we are supposed to just control the this. I THINK NOT. Please people just fix the pollution we emit now and the planet will heal itself.

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

HarryPotter and what half blood prince?!

I'm sorry I haven't read the books but I can just tell people who have suffered through the latest Harry Potter film. My date fell asleep during the movie and she owns and watches the movies all the time. I just wanted to cry....just terrible. I want my money back!

I't would have been nice if the movie would have stressed its' title a little better. Oooohhh Half Blood Prince! Where is the importance of this mentioning in the movie except when Snape said that he was the half blood prince. They could have done a hell of a lot more with it than what they did. They could have stressed a little more on riddle's background. Something! Anything!